How do I join St. Mark’s? What does it mean to “belong” to St. Mark’s? Can snowbirds “join” St. Mark’s even if they “belong” to a parish up north? I’m a retired pastor in another denomination. Can I still “join?” I was confirmed in a different denomination. Can I still be a member?

In a nutshell, If you want St. Mark’s to be yours, we’d love to call you “ours.”

To be a member in the fullest sense, one is required to be confirmed or have been received into the Episcopal Church by a bishop; to regularly participate in worship and in the life of the parish; and make an annual pledge. One must be a full member to run and serve on Vestry.

Regardless, St. Mark’s is an inclusive community who welcomes many different kinds of people who just want to worship with and be involved in the ministries of St. Mark’s. And we think that’s great!

Every year, we have at least one round of Newcomers Classes that include two weeks of informational and engaging sessions that review a bit about the Episcopal Church and St. Mark’s as a whole. We have a liturgical celebration in the worship services, and we host new members’ welcome gatherings at parishioners’ homes.

For more information on how to become a member at whatever level you so choose, please talk with a member of the clergy.