How do you worship?

Our Saturday afternoon service at 4:30 is an abbreviated and relaxed Rite II service with Communion and hymn singing and contemporary form prayers.

Our 8 a.m. Sunday service is Rite I said Eucharist without hymns

Our 9:30 a.m. Sunday service is a Rite II Choral Eucharist.

We worship in what many Episcopalians would call a medium or broad church liturgical style—which means it would be unusual for us to use incense or chimes during communion. Some kneel during prayers while others stand. Some bow at times, while others don’t. Some cross themselves, yet not all. We worship with the 1979 Book of Common Prayer, the 1982 Hymnal, and a few other supplemental hymnals. Our anthems are a lovely mix of modern and traditional that inspire those worshiping with us. Not familiar with the liturgy of the Episcopal Church? No problem! We have helpful bulletins that have everything you need to follow along.

Is your congregation kid friendly?
We love children and encourage them to be the kids they are rather than expecting them to behave like adults. Children are welcome at any and all of our services. For those children 3-yrs-old and under, we do offer nursery care if parents would prefer to take advantage of it. For those who like coming into worship, we have bags with activities children can engage during worship. You can pick them up in the narthex or in front of the church and return them at the end so we can replenish and refresh for the next services.
Are you ADA compliant?
Every building on the St. Mark’s campus is fully accessible with ADA compliant ramps and wheelchair-accessible bathrooms. Our sanctuary is also equipped with Hearing Loop technology. Though we don’t have them on-demand, St. Mark would be happy to purchase braille editions of the Book of Common Prayer upon request.
What should I wear?
Come as you are. All the time. That means you’ll see some folks in their Sunday best, others in a T-shirt and jeans, and everything in between. Our only requirement is that you wear something.
I’m not an Episcopalian. Can I take Communion?
All baptized Christians, regardless of age or denomination, are welcome to receive Communion in the Episcopal Church. If, for any reason, you don’t want to receive Communion, you are still invited to come forward and cross your arms over your chest. The priest will say a prayer of blessing for you. If you have not yet been baptized, we would love to talk to you about getting baptized. Please contact the church office to find out about our baptism preparation classes.
Can children take Communion?
All baptized Christian, regardless of age, are welcome to receive Communion. On occasion, St. Mark’s will hold “Instructed Eucharists” for families with children so they might learn more about the sacrament and become fuller participants in it as they grow. For those parents who wish for their children to be older before receiving Communion, we highly encourage you to bring them forward for a blessing by having them cross their arms over their chest. When you’re ready for them to have their First Holy Communion, we will help to make it special.
Do you have Gluten-Free wafers?
Yes. We offer Gluten-Free (GF) wafers that have been fully consecrated and safe from cross-contamination. If you prefer a GF wafer, simply ask the priest when he or she gets to you.
Are you open and affirming?
Yes! We believe that everyone is a beloved child of God, worthy and deserving of dignity and respect. LGBTQ+ individuals and families are welcome into the full sacramental life of the church, bar none, and invited to participate in ministries and leadership at all levels.
Do you preach politics from the pulpit?
Jesus preached politics, so it’s hard to preach the Gospel without being political. That said, none of our preachers are partisan in their preaching. We believe Jesus’s life and God’s message of love transcend modern-day politics.
I noticed you don’t have Sunday school for children. How do you support faith development for kids?
We believe, as data show, that parents are the number one influencers of their children’s faith—not Sunday school teachers, or youth group leaders, or clergy. Instead of occupying kids’ time on Sunday mornings with a brief lesson and crafts for 45-minutes once/week, St. Mark’s is in the process of reimagining ways it supports parents in the home to help families wonder and grow together in their faith on a daily basis.
How do I become a member?
The best way to start is by having a conversation with one of our clergy. If you’d like St. Mark’s to be yours, we’d love to call you ours.
What does the Episcopal Church teach about abortion?

Check out the official statement and teachings here.

Can I work with children and youth?
We believe all are called in their baptism to support everyone in their life in Christ. If you feel called to help children and/or youth in their faith development, we’d welcome the opportunity to talk with you about serving as a youth leader, a children’s chapel leader, working with the Day School children and/or being involved in coordinating intergenerational events.

That said, we observe best practices. Before working with children and youth, one must be a member for at least six months, must complete Safeguarding training, and, depending on which ministry one serves, may need fingerprinting and background checks.

Do I have to tithe?
All may, some do, none must. The traditional definition of tithing is contributing ten percent of one’s income to the church. Though Scripture celebrates generosity as a fruit of the Spirit, giving is a deeply personal thing. We encourage you to consider all the resources at your disposal to be yours to steward, yet gifts from God. How you use them to bless and support the mission of the Church is best done with a discerning heart. St. Mark’s is grateful for the generosity of its members and friends of the parish who support our ministries with their treasure, time, and talent.
Do I have to be a member to be involved?
Absolutely not! In fact, there are few ministries which require formal membership.