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admission process

The process of admission is designed specifically to ensure the future success of your child at St. Mark’s. It’s very important that our school and mission are a good fit with your needs and expectations. 

Once you make your initial inquiry through the school’s office, the process typically begins with a tour of the school and your child spending  some time in the classroom, getting a small taste of what a typical day would be like for them. This visit will allow you to see for yourself what makes St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School such a wonderful place. Submission of the “School Application” is next. Once the application is submitted, families will be notified once there is availability in the desired program. 

priority guidelines for enrollment

As a family school and a ministry of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, we have a strong interest in the families that attend the church.  We make every effort to enroll all siblings from a family and children of parishioners if we have the appropriate program openings. Therefore, admittance decisions are made offering positions to our applicants using the following priority guidelines:

  1. Siblings of the Day School Students
  2. Children of Parishioners
  3. All other applicants to balance our program, with consideration to the date a completed application is received.

Tuition policy

Tuition is due by the 5th of every month. Tuition payments go in the tuition box located outside of the Director’s office. Tuition Express is available to have tuition paid directly from your bank account or credit card to the school bank each month. Holidays, inclement weather closings and absences due to illness have been figured into the overall tuition charges and does not change the tuition rate. No credit will be given for absences due to illness, vacation, or other time off, including an act of God (hurricane, tornado etc.) or other events out of the school’s control.

The school makes contractual commitments to teachers and others, and invests in school supplies prior to the commencement of each school year. For those reasons, if for any reason parents have not paid when tuition is due, St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School reserves the right not to permit the student to attend school until the account is brought up. 

There is a $25 late fee on payments that are 5 days late and an additional $25 late fee on payments two weeks late.

If tuition remains unpaid after 30 days, the School reserves the right to terminate enrollment upon written notice to the parents, and to take legal action. Should this unpaid tuition be referred to a collection agency or attorney due to non-payment, all costs of collection and all reasonable and customary fees and expenses incurred to collect the unpaid balance will be the responsibility of the parents.