Bridge Class

Bridge Class is offered to families for the child that doesn’t meet the Sept. 1st cutoff for our school and the public schools, or they just want to have that extra year. The class is a mix of children that turn 3 in July or August or some that enter as an older 2 year old, turning 3 in September. The primary goal of the Bridge Class is a continuation of all that is learned in the Twos class, but also prepare them to move on to the Threes.

Learning the components of our school routine, which includes putting belongings in cubbies, circle time, project time, and snack time, is a key focus so children know what to expect. The Bridge class has a curriculum rich in social and academic skill building, which includes science and nature experiences, math and language arts foundation, music, art and movement. The program is designed to engage children in a play-based environment. They learn about sharing, patience, following rules and becoming independent, young members of a bigger community! The children are also exposed to letters, numbers, patterns, shapes and colors. Name recognition begins at day one! All children are true explorers and are offered a range of materials to keep them curious and confident.

Registration Options
3 or 5 Days: 8:30-12:00, 8:30-3:30
before & after care options available
Check Tuition Sheet for monthly prices.

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